Jiu jitsu originated in the East many centuries ago as an unarmed self-defence system. As time passed jiu jitsu branched into many different styles, each with its own philosophy and emphasis. Our style, Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu, is taught in several countries under the guidance of The Jitsu Foundation.

Jiu jitsu offers an enjoyable atmosphere for participants to achieve a higher fitness level while gaining valuable self-defence skills. Jiu jitsu can be used by anyone irrespective of strength, weight or gender. Training is tailored to the individual ability of the participant and a friendly, “club” type atmosphere is maintained at all sessions. New students do not need a high standard of physical fitness or flexibility to begin, as participants will find their endurance, strength, flexibility and speed all improve as training progresses. Jiu jitsu is also great fun to learn and provides an opportunity for people to meet and socialise.

Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu encompasses locking, throwing and striking techniques to provide an effective defence system. The wide variety of restraint and take down techniques allow for a controlled response to a violent confrontation. The techniques taught involve using the attacker’s movement and momentum against him/herself.

Our association, Jitsu Canada, is committed to providing high quality and enjoyable instruction to anyone who wishes to learn. All participants will receive full attention from the instructors.

Aside from developing valuable self-defence skills, the main aim of participation in the martial arts should be the betterment of oneself. Participants in any well taught martial arts club will derive many non-physical benefits such as improved confidence and increased self-discipline and esteem. The martial arts can be extremely valuable to children as training helps reinforce values such as humility, patience, tolerance, discipline, and respect for oneself and others.