COVID-19 – Club Activities Resuming October 18, 2021

Club activities are resuming October 18, 2021

We will reopen the Dojo on Monday October 18, 2021 from 7-9.  Our training days are Monday and Thursday. Please pay attention to the following changes due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Stage 3 Reopening Plan and our own safety initiatives:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early in your Gi.  There is only 1 bathroom and only 1 person can use the bathroom at a time so at this time, having a space to change from street clothes to a gi is very limited.
  • Upon entering you will need to participate in a Covid-19 Screening.  You will be required to show proof of having your second Covid – 19 Vaccination if you are 12 years old and over.  If you are 12 and over and not fully vaccinated, you will not be able to train until 14 days after your second vaccination date.  This is in accordance the current government mandates in Ontario.
  • You are required to wear a mask and hands sanitized.